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Exploring and Sharing Nutrition REsearch

From Keto Travel Hacks: Staying Keto on the Go, to my Eat Smart Sweets Review, explore all of my experiences with Keto!

Some of the best Keto Recipes I have seen! From Keto Pumpkin Pancakes, to Keto Taco Pie, these recipes will surely appease your inner chef.


Explore some of my self experimentation and research to help you on your own Keto journey! From the time I experimented with Keto Beer, to Research Spotlight: Keto and Autism, enjoy my wide field of research and experiences!


Baker's Dozen eBook


I'm very excited to release this eBook with recipes from the incredible Food Scientist Andy Barninger a.k.a. The Performance Chef.

This eBook features 13 Keto baking recipes to mix it up on your Ketogenic Diet.  These recipes are very unique and will make your Keto friends think you're a professional baker.

Featured Recipes:

- Key Lime Cheesecake

- Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel

- Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

- MCT Hot Chocolate

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