About The Ketologist

Hi, I'm Chris Irvin I have been following the Ketogenic Diet for over 3 years.  I graduated from my undergrad with a degree in Biology with Exercise Science.  After spending a year working with youth and collegiate athletes, I returned to school to get my Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science.  During this time I was fortunate enough to be able to study the Ketogenic Diet in both human and animal populations.

After graduate school I became passionate about researching, educating, and spreading awareness on the functional medicine and the concept of taking control of your health. Now my primary focus is on digging through the research and sharing what I find with others so they can do their part to take control of their health.

I also work for Perfect Keto as an education manager to help deliver high quality Keto products and information to the masses to make the Keto diet more accessible and easier to follow.

I hope you continue to follow me and engage in the information that I am sharing!

Always remember that the Ketogenic diet should be a lifestyle, not a diet!