5 Tips for Avoiding Hunger

Self-control is an essential component to the success of any diet.  Part of this self-control is trying to control your hunger and cravings.

This is especially true on a Ketogenic Diet.  Besides the fact that there are certain foods that you should avoid on a Keto, there is also caloric intake to monitor.  While it does seem that there is a metabolic advantage to following a ketogenic diet, drastically overconsuming calories is likely going to prevent you from reaching your goal and doing so can be easy since Keto foods tend to be so calorically dense.

Here are 5 daily tips for battling hunger to keep you on the tracks toward your body composition goals!

1. Drink up

Consuming water is an easy strategy for limiting our hunger (plus on Keto you need more water anyway!) There are a couple times when this strategy could be beneficial.

  1. Prior to a Meal: To prevent overeating

  2. Following a meal: To aid with digestion and keep you from going back for seconds.

  3. When You Think You're Hungry: Can curb appetite during a fast or between meals.

2. Add Fiber

I believe that fiber is important on a Ketogenic Diet for numerous health reasons but it can also contribute to feeling full!  Fiber is slow digesting and can help curb your appetite during a meal or between meals.

Note that a lot of the nutrients in plant sources may not be as bioavailable, so you should not rely on only rely on them for micronutrients.

3. Add Volume

Adding volume to your diet can be one of the best ways to manage your hunger symptoms.  Research has found that our stomachs appear to have a volume gauge that regulates our appetite.  This is partially the reason why just drinking water can help control appetite.

Since this volume gauge is not necessarily regulated by calories, consuming low calorie/high volume foods like veggies can play a big role in keeping you feeling full.

Hunger Tips

4. Get Fatty

Consuming fat can do a lot for managing our hunger.  Fat is not only calorically dense, but research has also found that consuming fat may lead to physiological changes in the body that promote appetite regulation.

That does not mean that you should go overboard with fat but chances are if you are struggling with hunger, adding some more fat should help!

Ketologist Note:

If you choose this method, you may need to track your calories until your body adjusts to prevent overeating on calories.

5. Use Exogenous Ketones

Ketones can interact with our body in many ways, one of which can be appetite suppression.  If you are new to Keto and not producing enough ketones or if you have been doing keto for a long time and are still suffering from hunger, Exogenous Ketones can help!


As I always say, the key to a successful Ketogenic Diet is to adopt it as a lifestyle and not an actual diet.  This is why I suggest methods for battling hunger. Being hungry all the time is not a sustainable way of living.  However, some people may suffer from conditions that lead to constant hunger.  We do know that the Ketogenic Diet can drastically improve hunger and cravings but since that may not occur right away or in all people, using tips like the 5 mentioned in this blog may be a great help.

Christopher Irvin