Keto Mojo: My Preferred Blood Glucose/Ketone Meter

If you have been following me for anytime at all, you know that I love self-experimenting. Whether it is testing how my body responds to a certain food, workout, macronutrient ratio, or supplement, testing has always been fun for me. When it comes to self-experimenting, one of my favorite things to do is test blood ketones and glucose.

Ever since I was in grad school I have been testing my blood glucose and blood ketones. In fact, while I was in grad school I would even try different dietary or supplement protocols with my classmates and go around and test their ketones and glucose during class. Safe to say, I have been a nerd for a while.

Notice that I am talking about testing both blood ketones AND blood glucose. Many people get way to paranoid about their ketone levels and forget about the importance of testing blood glucose. Your ketone levels are only one part of the equation, if you want to get a full picture, you should be testing blood glucose as well.

There are a lot of reasons to test your glucose and ketones but one of the biggest reasons is the growth of the low carb food industry. The truth is that we have come to a point in the keto community where there are a lot of products on the market that appear to be keto-friendly when you look at the nutrition label, but the blood glucose and ketone response we get from them says otherwise. This is why testing is important. If you don’t believe me, just check out review of Eat Smart Sweets.

When I first started doing keto, the only primary meter available was Precision Xtra. These meters did an okay job for me while I was in grad school, but I often found a lot of discrepancies in the results I was getting and I hated having to tear open each strip every time I wanted to test. Luckily, there have been some advancements in the ketone testing market since those early days, which has brought about Keto Mojo!

Why I like Keto Mojo

There are many reasons why Keto Mojo has been my ketone and glucose meter of choice for the last few years. Besides the fact that I love the branding and the fact that the meter is marketed directly to ketogenic dieters, I also love that I don’t have to tear open a package each time I want a new strip. I can simply pop open a small container and pull out a strip.


I also love the consistent results I have gotten using Keto Mojo. With other meters, I always found that I could test and retest immediately after and get different results. Not very good for someone who is trying to learn what is going on with their body!

By far my favorite part about Keto Mojo is their mobile app platform. When you are done testing your blood glucose or ketones, you can plug in a bluetooth device and sync the data right up to your phone so all of your data is stored in one spot. If you want to take it a step further, Keto Mojo plugs in with Heads Up Health so you can compare your results with other health data points like sleep, diet, blood testing, etc.

Keto Mojo App.PNG

All of these benefits of Keto Mojo is why I have been using this product for a long time. Whether you are stuck at a plateau, wanting to self-experiment with different foods and supplements, or make sure you are optimizing your ketogenic diet, testing your blood glucose and ketones is a good idea If you are interested in trying Keto Mojo, click the banner below so you can save a little!

Christopher Irvin