You're Worthy of Improving Your Health

I’ve been frustrated lately.  Actually, I have been frustrated for a while.  Frustrated by the same things but lately my frustration has peaked. 

Ever since I came to the low carb lifestyle and started studying the ketogenic diet back in 2015, I have been upset that the research I find about keto has been available for decades but so many people are suffering from a lack of awareness.  That’s actually why I started The Ketologist.  I wanted to do my part to get the information about how the way we are eating causes most of the chronic disease we are faced with today.

This has been an extremely rewarding task over the last few years.  I have had a lot of people tell me that the infographics I share on Instagram or the blog posts I write have helped them in some way.  This is not meant to be boastful but rather explain to you why I am motivated to do what I do.

This is the good side of what I do.  The bad side is what I have been frustrated with.  What about all the people, some of which are close to me, who see or hear my message and don’t take action?   These are the same people who complain about their health.  Maybe they can’t lose weight.  Their joints hurt.  They can’t sleep and are tired all the time.  They are taking medications that are giving them side effects. These people will ask for help and when a solution is offered, they don’t take it.  This is what gets me frustrated.

Last week, in frustration I posted this tweet:

Ketologist twitter.png

My thought is why do people complain about their health when deep down they know they can fix or at least improve it but don’t? 

I have been contemplating this frustration for a while.  Last week I picked up a book I have been wanting to read for a while.  Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life.  While reading this book, I found my answer.

One of Peterson’s rules for life is, treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. In this chapter, he talked about how most times we don’t feel that we are worthy of being helped.  This belief is primarily due to the fact that only we know our deepest inadequacies.  Our short comings.  The bad things we have done.  We have a running tally of the negative things only we know about ourselves and this makes us think we are not worth the time or effort to be helped.

This is the reason why many people will jump to help others but delay helping themselves. You are more likely to help your dog than yourself because your dog is so innocent in your eyes.  He is worthy of your help.  How could you not help such an innocent animal? But you won’t help yourself.

This gave me a different perspective.  Much of the poor health we are facing in today’s society is a result of thinking like this as much as it is poor dietary choices.  This is something that I have been blind to thus far in my journey.

The truth is that we need to change our thinking about ourselves.  Be nice to yourself.  We are all adequate.  We are all worthy of being helped.  It doesn’t matter what you have done, what you know about yourself that the rest of the world doesn’t know.  You deserve to not just survive in this world but to thrive. 

In case you’re not ready to give yourself that much credit.  In case you are a person who wants to help others before helping yourself.  Take this into consideration.  You cannot pour from an empty cup.  You not taking care of your health doesn’t just impact you.  It impacts the rest of the world.  Your decisions not to improve your health has a butterfly effect bigger than you can imagine.  I believe that it is your obligation to the world to focus on improving yourself and making sure you are contributing to a better world.  If you don’t want to improve your health for you, do it for those around you.  

This new realization has taken away much of my frustration and forced me to reconsider my beliefs.  Now I will be taking steps to improve my understanding of psychology so I can better reach those who need to be reached the most.  If you are one of those people, I want to remind you what I said earlier.  You are worthy, you are adequate, you deserve to be healthy.  Work on that mind shift for a while and see where it takes you!

Christopher Irvin