Baker's Dozen: A Short Keto Recipe eBook

Baker's Dozen: A Short Keto Recipe eBook

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Get 13 of the most unique Keto Recipes from Food Scientist Andy Barninger. Including unique ingredients like MCTs and Collagen Protein.

Featured Recipes:

Key Lime Cheesecake

MCT Matcha Truffles

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

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The creator of these recipes is Andy Barninger a.k.a. The Performance Chef

Andy Barninger, PhD(c), CSCS
My passions lie within food, product development, and health. I have a background in culinary arts, nutrition, and exercise science. This knowledge has combined into the goal of developing and formulating delicious foods. I have a concern for the direction of health and chronic disease, therefore, I use his knowledge of nutrition and food science to engineer functional foods and supplements. The results are foods that not only taste great, but are incredible for your health.

I have also taken an interest in exploring novel foods and supplements. I believe that to do something different, we have to find a way to do it differently. Therefore, exploring new foods and specialty ingredients is important to change the direction of our overwhelming health problems.

Chris Irvin, M.S.

My passion is in being a Ketogenic guide aiming to improve nutrition awareness and action by helping to provide the necessary tools for easy and sustainable ketosis.

During my undergrad, I studied Biology with Exercise Science and during graduate school I studied Nutrition and Exercise Science. During my graduate school career, I became very passionate about the Ketogenic Diet and began researching how to enhance the Keto-adaptation period and the therapeutic side of the diet.

Now my mission is to raise awareness on alternative methods to improving our health, like through Ketogenic Dieting. Andy is an incredibly talented Food Scientist and working with him has been a huge help. I think this program will provide a huge service for those in the Ketogenic space.